Washington Island


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Washington Island, known as Teraina Island in the local dialect, is one of the most remote Pacific Islands in the world, currently untouched by tourism. Surrounded by white sand beaches with excellent surf year round, concealing the largest freshwater lake in all of Kiribati, this atoll is one of the most unique in the world. The journey to the freshwater lake requires an hour long boat ride through a canal concealed within luxuriant coconut palm forests towering 100 feet high. You are taken back in time to an ecosystem untouched by man, surrounded by flora and fauna that exist in an abundance like no other. The lake itself has converted from salt water to entirely fresh water over hundreds of millions of years, allowing Giant Trevally to uniquely evolve into a freshwater species. Not to forget the massive freshwater eel, a real life sea serpent that thrives in the heart of this islands freshwater lake. This is a true adventure destination, and of current, no Westerner has fished from this freshwater jewel floating in middle of the Pacific.


My journey with Chuck Corbett as we impulsively jumped aboard the sailing Kwai cargo ship from Fanning Island (Tabuaeran) to the remote Washington Island (Teraina).



A view from the beach front accommodation on Teraina, with excellent surf to be had.